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Microsoft CRM V3 Release in East Asia – Preview of Customization 

Microsoft CRM V3 was released in East Asia, namely in Japan and People’s Republic of China (PRC) in May this year. However, the product availability date in these markets may vary. In this blog, I would talk about the East Asia release and the features and functionalities that were added to this release in order...Read more

Customizing the Preview Pane 

When searching for information within CRM users often need to retrieve small pieces of information like a phone number or address. One solution is to place this commonly retrieved information in the view columns – however this can lead to inconsistency and clutter (horizontal scrolling of views in most applications is rarely considered optimal). Records in CRM...Read more

Configurable Cascading Relationships 

Relationships are a powerful concept in CRM letting users easily relate relevant records to each other. For example an Account may have related leads, cases, activities, opportunities, contacts etc… Relationships also define cascading behavior of related records when their parent record is shared, re-assigned, re-parented, deleted or merged with another record. For example if an...Read more

CRM Sandbox Coding Contest Winners Announced 

I’ve a short blog for you to consider today. The winner of the first annual CRM Sandbox coding contest have been announced in my blog and on the Sandbox site. This was an interesting experiment to see if we could get the CRM community interested in submitting some solutions because of this contest. And it...Read more

Enabling Notes on Custom Entities after they have been created 

Hello everyone, This is my first blog posting on this site, but many of you have probably been following my other blogs: Invoke Systems (Current), MSN, and MSDN).  The short version of the story is that I was a lead application developer on a .COM called “iCommunicate” that was a hosted Service Management web-based application...Read more

Delegating Customization Privileges 

Normally customization of CRM is conducted by two Security Roles: the System Administrator and System Customizer. Typically these Security Roles have privileges to perform all customization tasks. CRM allows for customizations to safely take place in production systems. Many administrators of CRM systems have delegated some basic customization tasks to other users. Here is a...Read more

Using Microsoft CRM to manage our blog posts 

Did anyone catch that short-lived show ‘Keen Eddie’?  The main character’s trademark line was “Hi.  I’m Eddie.  How do you like me so far?”   Our grand CRM Team blog adventure has been up and running for a month.  How do you like us so far?  Give us props or a scolding in the Comments...Read more

Customization Prefix 

Many people often forget to set the Customization Prefix when they customize CRM. When you create new entities and attributes CRM automatically creates tables and columns for you in its SQL Server database. It adds the Prefix to the names of those tables and attributes. CRM’s Web Services and underlying platform also uses these ‘schema...Read more

Why You Should be Using Leads 

I’m very passionate about Sales Force Automation (SFA) and I’m also a big fan of the Microsoft CRM Leads functionality. Recently I’ve noticed some misunderstandings (both inside and outside Microsoft) surrounding this core SFA feature. Hopefully this post will dispel some of the mystery surround this cool feature.   The CRM Lead entity is a...Read more

Add Find Columns 

I frequently encounter ‘Power Customizers’ who are unaware of a very basic customization feature: Add Find Columns. Each CRM entity has two special views: Quick Find and Lookup.   The Quick Find view is the view displayed after an user invokes a Quick Find Search:     The Lookup view is the view displayed in...Read more