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Backup/restore the Model database or export/import the Model Store? 

1 min read

In this post I would like to clarify the differences between doing a backup/restore of the Model database, and doing an export/import of the Model Store. Since version 2012 R2, and the separation of the application elements in a different database (the Model database), it is technically possible to restore this database separately. However, this…Read more


How to: Add a new relation for a new field to the same table to which a relation already exists [AX 2012] 

3 min read

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, the EDT relations were moved to tables and the creation of a new EDT relation is not possible anymore. This implies that only table relations can be added to the system. In special cases, additional relations need to be added to tables for new fields that reference the same table…Read more


Creating and managing custom indexes in Dynamics AX 

2 min read

Hello, An index is a database structure that is used to speed the retrieval of information from a table, or in some cases to ensure the uniqueness of records in a table. In Dynamics AX, each table comes out-of-the-box with a variety of indexes designed to provide the best results in most cases. As every Dynamics AX…Read more