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AlwaysOn – R2 and R3 Kernel Fixes – Handle SQL Server AlwaysOn AG failovers more transparently and gracefully 

We’ve recently released some kernel fixes that improve how Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and R3 handle SQL Server AlwaysOn AG failovers. The R3 version of this fix is visible on LCS here: LCS | AX 2012 R3 Kernel Fix KB3159596 | Handle SQL Server AlwaysOn AG failovers more transparently and gracefully For AX...Read more

Key Clean up Features for InventSum and InventDim Tables 

Author: Arnold van Wageningen Please find below a summary of the clean-up features we currently offer in regards to InventSum and InventDim tables which can be found under the menu: Inventory management > Periodic > Clean up. The Inventory Dimensions cleanup shows the following help text: “The ‘Clean up unused inventory dimensions’ batch process deletes...Read more

Performance impact of Sysdatabaselog 

Description: Although Database Logging can most certainly be valuable from a business perspective, it can be rather expensive with regard to resource use and management. When logging is enabled for a particular transaction type, each instance of that transaction type causes multiple records to be written to the SQL Server transaction log file.  Specifically, one...Read more

AXutil Optimize (Dynamics AX 2012 RTM) 

Description: The AXUtil Optimize function reindexes the Model database, but also run a shrink of the database. As the model database is in the main database in AX 2012 RTM, the whole database is shrinked. In a large database example 1 TB database, this shrink can take extreme long time and block the production system...Read more

Slow performance when Configuration key turned off 

  Description: The configuration key Sales tax (ledgerbasicSalesTax) has been turned off in the system. When running example the retail statement posting, the performance is very poor.  The slow response is originated in every call to TaxParameters::find(). When analyzing the sql server queries we see a large number of Temporary table been generated which all take...Read more

Database Diagrams for AX 2012 R2! 

We’ve launched a new site that hosts 30 database entity relationship diagrams for tables of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2: AxERD.  Check it out here: Check out the introductory blog post here:  ...Read more