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AX 2012 Database: How to enable SQL compression (Enterprise edition) 

1 min read

Description: We now fully support database compression from within the AX system. If you are running Enterprise Edition, you can apply compression, which will save you Storage Space and decrease time for backup and restore. Read about the feature in the links section below.    How to: The form SysSQLSetup is used to set the Read more


Dynamics AX 2012 Prerequisite Check Utility and SQL Server cluster 

<1 min read

You may wonder why you’re getting an error that there’s no SQL Server instance available when you run the Dynamics AX 2012 Prerequisite Check Utility on active SQL Server cluster node. Why does this happen? The Dynamics AX 2012 Prerequisite Check Utility is getting list of all services which names are equal to MSSQLSERVER or Read more


Moving between Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Environments 

2 min read

Moving between Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Environments SUMMARY It is common practice to restore a Microsoft Dynamics AX database from one environment into another environment for testing and development purposes.  In most cases, this is not a problem but there are circumstances that need to be considered to get the restored databasefunctioning.  The scope of Read more


Steps to Restore an AX Database 

4 min read

In support we ask customers for backups of their databases to investigate issues that do not occur in the demo data.  We usually also request a copy of their application files so the code files match the database.  Below are the steps I take to get the database backup and application files in a working state Read more