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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Demonstration Kit 

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Management team is happy to announce the availability of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Demonstration Kit.  This Kit was optimized to facilitate a stand-alone Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online environment. Scenarios Included in this Kit is more comprehensive data, Dashboards, Workflows and Dialogs illustrating core CRM capabilities in expanded scenarios.  Read...Read more

Demonstrating Mobile Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

The old school method of demonstrating mobile software, using a camera suspended over a device, is expensive and unwieldy. Fortunately it is no longer necessary. There are a few ways to project a mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM application on to big screen – let me share one that works with our Mobile Express for Microsoft...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Traveling Demo 

Not so long ago I had the UNIQUE opportunity of presenting Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to a large audience where the presentation tool could not facilitate a live demo.  In order to conduct this demo I had to create a PowerPoint presentation containing screen shots to demonstrate each aspect of the CRM application (Outlook integration,...Read more

MS Word Proposal for CRM Online 

Over the last few months, I’ve presented at 3 conferences ( Tech Ed, IT Pro, ms internal – Tech Ready ) about building software as a service solutions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now that all the conferences are over, I’m making more of this content available. I’ve created a video repro of the solution demo. ...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Star-Casts 

I have released one screen-cast showing integration of Office Communication Server 2007 with Dynamics CRM 4.0. It seems like our Dynamics video library is growing by leaps and bounds. I plan to compile these screen-casts/video-casts in a live blog for a bigger community. You may continue to: Provide feedback/thoughts Share yours to be included in...Read more

Microsoft CRM 3.0 Bulk Import Wizard 

You can use the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Bulk Import Wizard to import bulk data into default and custom attributes of system entities. But, if you want to import custom entities you need to write your own import tool. This article, and the sample code supplied in the download, shows you how to create your own...Read more

On-demand Hosted Microsoft CRM Demo 

The Microsoft Dynamics Hosted team has released a new on-demand hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM demo, the first in a series of SaaS-enabled solutions the team is developing for partners and prospective customers interested in hosted Microsoft products. The English-only demo is a fully operational hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment, enabling Service Providers to deliver “try before...Read more