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Office 365 integration in a Dynamics NAV hosting environment 

We from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV support team (Microsoft CSS) see an increasing number of support cases coming in related to Office 365 integration in a hosting environment. This range from the relatively new Edit in Excel feature or the relatively new Outlook Business Inbox to the more familiar Office 365 Single Sign On functionality....Read more

How to export a Dynamics NAV database on SQL Server 2016 

If you use SQL Server 2016 for your Dynamics NAV database, and you need to export a database to the .bacpac format, then please make sure that you are running the latest update (August 2016 update or later) of the Microsoft SQL Server Data-Tier Application Framework (DacFx) or SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). If you...Read more

How to install and configure Windows AppFabric for AX 2012 Enterprise Portal in a multi-server web farm 

  When setting up AX 2012 Enterprise Portal (EP) in a multi-server web farm, then setting up AppFabric caching is required. This is for caching session info. When installing SharePoint 2013 it is recommended to use the prerequisite installer to install AppFabric, ref section “Plan for the Distributed Cache service”. Note: If you are...Read more

How to install AX 2012 Enterprise Portal in a multi-server web farm 

  This blog post is written to clarify some steps in the installation guide when you install AX 2012 Enterprise Portal (EP) in a multi-server web farm. NOTE: It is important to follow the installation guide and use this post as additional complementary info. Under section “Before you begin”: Install and configure Windows Server...Read more

How Do I Set Up Microsoft Dynamics NAV to work with Azure SQL Database 

Dynamics NAV 2016 supports the option of using Azure SQL Database, and we have recorded a “How Do I” video to explain the steps involved in deploying a Dynamics NAV SQL Server database to an instance of Azure SQL Database. This blog post includes a Windows PowerShell script that can be used to configure the Dynamics...Read more

Easy Deployment of the Latest Version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 

As you all know, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 has been available as an image in the public Microsoft Azure Marketplace since January 2015. This image is updated when each cumulative update is released, and you can choose the exact version that you want to use based on the release date. At time of publishing this...Read more

Coffee Break – keeping stuff in the cloud 

In the last few Coffee Break posts we have been looking at virtual hard disks (VHDs) and virtual machines (VMs). Now let’s combine the two in the cloud. Coffee Break 11 – Provisioning – Using Microsoft Azure storage to keep VHDs and other useful stuff in the cloud Provisioning a new instance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is like...Read more

Windows PowerShell and Dynamics NAV for your coffee break – Deploy Dynamics NAV via Windows PowerShell 

In this coffee break we will show a way to deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV automatically. We assume that Microsoft Dynamics NAV is already installed on the machine, but we want to add additional installations / instances of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Coffee Break 2: Automate a Microsoft Dynamics NAV deployment User Story:The customer has a system where they...Read more