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New sample code for Dynamics CRM mobile development on Windows 8 

Have you wanted to write Windows 8.1 store apps, including universal apps, that can access the Dynamics CRM web service but found the OAuth, SOAP, and OData technologies that CRM supports a bit much to grasp? Well, this sample code release should help to get you started! The Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Mobile source code sample is a partial...Read more

New Microsoft CRM SDK Sample: Sdk.Soap.js 

Sdk.Soap.js is a JavaScript library that helps you write JavaScript with web resources that use the CRM 2013 Modern App SOAP endpoint (formerly called the SOAP endpoint for web resources). This library makes writing JavaScript code for data operations much like using C#. While the OData (REST) endpoint is good for many things and is...Read more

Announcing the CRM 2013 Customer Center, Implementation Guide and SDK! 

Check out all the great new documentation, videos, guides, eBooks, developer tools, and resources for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ’13 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 releases! Information for end-users  Go to All new Customer Center! Getting Ready page to help prepare people for the release! eBook:What’s Changed in CRM 2013 eBook: Bring in...Read more

Check your JavaScript code to prepare for your upgrade 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is changing. To keep up with these changes so that you can take advantage of new features you need to check that any JavaScript code you are using is ready for an upgrade. Why do I need to check my JavaScript? What has changed? How can I check my code? How can...Read more

Visit the New Developer Center! 

Hopefully by now you have come across the redesigned developer center on MSDN that we launched for Convergence. If not, please visit! This redesign fits into our overall documentation strategy providing three distinct web sites for our key audiences: For Developers: Developer Center – new and improved! For Customers: Customer Center – formerly the Resource...Read more

Announcing SDK Update V5.0.14 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK Version 5.0.14 is now live on MSDN downloads and in the MSDN library. Here’s some of the additions and updates you’ll find in this release: New assemblies consistent with the latest release of CRM Online. These assemblies are also compatible for CRM 2011 UR12. Connect to Yammer – New information about...Read more

Announcing SDK Update V5.0.13 for Polaris and UR12 

2/4/2013 – Note that the version numbers for the binaries found in the Bin folder of the SDK are slightly different from those installed with UR12. However, they are compatible and can be used for all development projects for either CRM 2011 on-premises or CRM Online. Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK Version 5.0.13 is now live...Read more

Script Errors After the December 2012 Service Update 

Before your Microsoft CRM Online organization is updated to the December 2012 Service release we hope you have taken steps to address potential issues which could cause form scripts to break. Information about how to prepare was published last summer in the following blog posts: Resolve Breaking Script Issues When Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft...Read more

Technical Article: Control Which Browsers Your Organization Supports 

Many people are excited about being able to use browsers other than Internet Explorer with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This is now possible with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 or the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update. One thing to note though, with this change, your form scripts could break due to...Read more

Finding Which Message Requests Support the Execution of Plug-ins in CRM 2011 and CRM Online 

Developers can write custom plug-ins and register them to execute when a certain message request and entity combination is processed by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Dynamics CRM Online event execution pipeline. Most but not all message requests support the execution of plug-ins. To find out what message request and entity combinations support execution of...Read more