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New system events replace Codeunit 1 in Business Central October’18 release 

When you start upgrading to Business Central on-premises, you’ll notice that Codeunit 1 ApplicationManagement is missing. Not to worry, this is not a ‘bug’, it is by design. We’re refactoring the application as part of our move to modern development and to enable extensions to subscribe to events that were formerly handled by functions in codeunit...Read more

Developer Preview – August 2018 

Once again it is our pleasure to announce the August update of the Developer Preview. With this release, we bring you several new features that help building your solutions as extensions. We also include a large number of resolved GitHub issues. See the list of closed bugs here: closed bugs in August. This Developer Preview is...Read more

Developer Preview – June 2018 Update 

Welcome to the Developer Preview for June. In this release we have a number of new features for you that are introduced below. We have also spent time burning down outstanding bugs reported through GitHub. See the list of closed bugs here: This Developer Preview is available only through the Ready to Go program. Read more...Read more

Developer Preview – May 2018 Update 

Welcome to the May 2018 Developer Preview update. In this release we have focused primarily on burning down the outstanding bugs reported through GitHub. This milestone contains ~300 events and bug fixes and brings the number of outstanding bugs close to 0. See the list of closed bugs here: We have also added a few small...Read more

Extending the Outlook Add-in Experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 

One of the showcase features of Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ability to use the product within Microsoft Outlook clients using Outlook add-ins. There are two add-ins that come out of the box with Dynamics 365 Business Central: The Contact Insights add-in and the Document View add-in. From an email within Outlook, Contact Insights...Read more

Developer Preview – March Update 

We’re pleased to announce the March update of the Developer Preview. We have been working hard on improving the capabilities of the toolset as well as fixing incoming issues reported by you. Below you can see the changes that we’re announcing for this update. The preview is already available if you sign up for the Ready to Go...Read more

RDLC Export to Excel: Some hints 

When you build RDLC reports in Dynamics NAV, you can choose between 5 different output types, also known as rendering extensions: Preview (HTML-like, Soft Page-Break) Print (Hard Page-Break) PDF (Hard Page-Break) Word (Soft Page-Break) Excel (Soft Page-Break) Each rendering extension is independent and generated by its own engine, also known as the renderer. In the...Read more

NAV Development Preview – November Update 

  Welcome to yet another update for the Developer Preview, we’re now introducing the November update. As usual, we’ve fixed a lot of issues reported by you, for more information view the list of fixed issues, In addition to that we’re announcing the following changes as you can see listed below. To jump directly to an updated image...Read more

Working with Mediaset References in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 

Mediaset is a new data type introduced with Dynamics NAV 2017. Read the documentation here: When working with the Mediaset data type you might want to copy its content from one table to another table but not the same reference. If the same reference is copied through an assignment statement, any action is and will...Read more