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How to import default site and warehouse locations for a product using services (AIF) 

I have recently had questions around how to import default site and warehouse locations for products when using AIF, so I thought an explanation and an example here might be helpful. Three tables need to have the correct Dimension ID relationships setup in order for the item todefault the correct Site/Warehouse combination. Within AX, you can set these...

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New benchmarks and white papers for Convergence! 

We are happy to announce that the following benchmarks are available, just in time for Convergence! Enterprise Portal benchmark Hyper-V benchmark High volume inventory benchmark for retail environments For details, see the Performance team blog post: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Benchmarks: Hyper-V, EP, and High-volume Inventory. The following white papers have also recently been published:...

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How to add a blank node in dimension set hierarchy in AX 2009 

When you attempt to enter a journal involving a ledger account without the selection of a cost center dimension in Dynamics AX 2009, you receive the following error message: “Dimension set value XX – ? on set YY is not authorized on hierarchy ZZ for account DDDD.”   You need to assign a node underneath the department...

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