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Retail discount calculations – Performance vs Best price 

2 min read

With the increased usage of the number of Retail discounts associated to items coupled with the trade agreements and affiliations, the Pricing engine has seen significant performance issues attempting to process the best discount.  This performance degradation increases as more items are added to an order due to the proportionately increasing number of discounts needing to…Read more


Retail Discount Concurrency Modes 

1 min read

When configuring discounts and setting the Discount concurrency mode, you have the option to choose Exclusive, Best price, or Compounded.  The question presented when ringing up POS transactions is which one takes precedence when you have multiple discounts that are applicable to the same sale?  This article will provide you with a brief explanation on the…Read more


AX 2012 R2 for Retail – Using advanced discount periods with discounts that have start and end times around 12am. 

3 min read

There are many combinations to set up the validation periods for discount.  If you’re not careful, an incorrect configuration may prevent the discount from being applied at the POS at all.  This blog will focus on the scenarios when you need to use the start and ending times that both fall around 12:00am.  Other ranges such…Read more


AX 2012 R2 for Retail – Setting up discount coupons with bar codes for scanning into POS 

4 min read

The release of R2 for AX 2012 has added 2 new fields (discount code and bar code) to the Discounts form in the Retail module.  This now gives us the ability to scan or type in a coupon/discount barcode directly into POS.  The steps below are performed on the general Discounts, but the same steps would apply for Mix…Read more