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Updates for the basic list and campaign management capabilities for Dynamics 365 applications (March ’19 – May ’19) 

With this post we’d like to announce a few updates and bug fixes that we’ll be rolling out with the next upcoming 2.3, 3.2, and 4.1 release trains. If you are interested in receiving an early build with these fixes, please register with the preview program or reach out to Microsoft. Release Rollout May rollout,...Read more

Unified Interface: Internet Explorer 11 Browser Update Issue 

What is the issue? We have identified an issue where Unified Interface applications in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and PowerApps with certain site map customizations do not render properly in Internet Explorer 11 browsers. Users affected by this will receive a blank page and possibly an “access denied” message when attempting to load some...Read more

Dynamics 365 for Marketing: Set up DKIM for your sending domain to keep up with recent Office 365 changes 

One of the most important performance metrics for email marketing is deliverability, which measures the ability of your messages to arrive in recipients’ inboxes rather than getting flagged as spam and filtered away, out of sight. Microsoft is dedicated to helping our Dynamics 365 for Marketing customers maximize deliverability, so we’d like to tell you...Read more

Announcing Connected Field Service for Azure IoT Central 

We are pleased to announce new integration between Azure IoT Central and Dynamics 365 for Field Service, coinciding with the general availability of Azure IoT Central. When customers encounter unplanned outages in a traditional break-and-fix service model, they expect a well prepared technician to respond immediately; unfortunately, this isn’t possible in the traditional model. Meanwhile,...Read more

October service update for Dynamics 365 (online) will be version 9.1 

Applies to Dynamics 365 (online) version 9.0.x   With the October update to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, one of the changes we are making is to increment the version number to 9.1 for our online service. This change is part of our work to modernize the way we update Dynamics 365 by removing...Read more

Announcing: Dynamics 365 for Marketing August 2018 update 

We are proud to announce the August 2018 update of Dynamics 365 for Marketing, which is available starting now! For even more information about this update, including known and fixed issues, see the Dynamics 365 for Marketing readme page. How to get the update Dynamics 365 for Marketing includes both solutions, which must be installed on...Read more

De-mystifying Versioning in Dynamics 365 

As updates are deployed to the Dynamics 365 service, there are two separate versions that are tracked: App Version Application version represents the binary version that is deployed to the Dynamics 365 servers. These updates contain product improvements and bug fixes that are delivered through application code changes. DB Version Database version represents the version of the organization’s database. These updates contain customization changes to support new...Read more

Just released: New and updated content for Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.0 

The latest update (version 9.0) for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps includes many new and exciting features! This blog shows you where to go to find the content you need. Start by visiting our new documentation site at, and then choose the What’s new tile. Detailed “what’s new” content is available here: Readme What’s...Read more