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Customers share their stories on migrating to Dynamics 365 

4 min read

At some point, we’ve all experienced regret over not doing something. Opportunity passes us due to our over analysis, indecision, and uncertainty. Even though we’ve all done this, we rarely seek the advice of others, thinking our situation is somehow unique or different. This rationale is common among the on-premises organizations we speak to. They Read more


3 reasons to not delay your migration to Dynamics 365 in the cloud 

4 min read

The “changing technology landscape” has become a common trope when discussing the cloud. I understand why—it helps contextualize the disruption and advancement we’re experiencing. But you know as well as I do, this “change” has happened. The on-premises solutions and infrastructure you built your business on, though once state-of-the-art, are now less adaptable, less useful, Read more


3 characteristics to look for in your Dynamics 365 migration partner 

3 min read

Our business landscape is evolving rapidly. Long-term COVID impacts to supply chains, worksite strategies, and consumer behavior have compelled most organizations to modernize to better serve customer needs. Though migrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers will tell you that cloud benefits far exceed the perceived risks of moving or “comfort” associated with remaining on-premises, making this Read more


3 resources that advance your on-premises migration to Dynamics 365 

2 min read

Change is not always easy. Economic disruptions from COVID-19 have compelled most organizations to assess whether their legacy systems, processes, and infrastructure can provide the necessary agility to remain competitive. While shifting market conditions have accelerated cloud adoption, some are still weighing migration costs, complexities, and risks against the benefits. There are many reasons to Read more