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Enable productivity with native mobile experiences optimized for sellers 

In the last year, business travel and face-to-face meetings have reduced significantly—but global workforces are busier than ever. The pace of selling has sped up during the pandemic, and the common pain points sellers face have become exacerbated as they juggle more responsibilities and obligations across work, home, and multiple time zones. Sellers need to...Read more

Save time by cloning sales forecasts in Dynamics 365 Sales 

Companies need accurate sales forecasts to keep on track to meet quarterly and annual revenue goals.  In Dynamics 365 Sales 2021 release wave 1, sellers can now clone an existing forecast when they need to make edits, and gain immediate clarity on revenue scenarios. The existing forecast remains intact while you configure different scenarios quickly...Read more

Forget about forgetting with the latest update to action items in conversation intelligence 

As the world of sales is increasing its adoption of digital transformation, we are looking for ways to help boost your sales teams’ productivity and give them tools, like conversation intelligence, that help them focus on winning deals without distractions. After talking to sellers and managers from different sales teams, we found that the tasks...Read more

Using activity data to improve opportunity scoring predictions in Dynamics 365 Sales 

Listening to the challenges many of our customers are facing with increasingly working online, we’ve developed new capabilities in Dynamics 365 to discover email messages, meetings, and phone call activities related to an opportunity, and then to factor these signals into the score. Capturing activities to determine opportunity health A healthy opportunity will usually have...Read more

A modern sellers success depends on customer obsession [webinar] 

It’s well known that B2B buyers have access to information at their fingertips, and even prefer not to engage with sellers at the beginning of their buying journey. Unfortunately, if you are practicing conventional sales tactics and not engaging with your buyers you might be approaching your buyers the wrong way or with the wrong...Read more

Your sales team needs to be quick to impress 

The tough stats around personal engagement in sales For three days, 1,400 B2B sales and marketing leaders descended upon Las Vegas to learn, share and experience how we can improve our marketing efficiencies and sales processes, and deliver value in an increasing customer-driven environment. Regardless of your perspective at the beginning of the week, The...Read more

A view from the top: Are marketing and sales aligned? 

Sales alignment is the first step in your journey to introduce a new sales model, one that is a hybrid model combining the best of the digital journey of your buyer combined with the expertise and knowledge that a personal interaction with your sales team is able to provide....Read more