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Dynamics 365 Blog

Knowledge articles in Case management 

When we made the Case management feature set in the AX 2012 release we reused a number of existing functionality or design concepts already in place in other areas of AX. Some of the concepts we used to work with cases were: Service level agreements from the Service management module and Processes, transaction log, automatic...Read more

Introducing Purchase inquiries in AX 2012 R2, CU6 

With the release of the Cumulative update 6 (CU6) for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 on June 26th we introduced an optional extension on the Purchase order process, the Purchase inquiry. The Purchase inquiry can be thought of as simply an additional optional Document status step on the purchase order which now contains the following...Read more

Delivery due date notification workflow 

A customer recently asked uswhat the Delivery due date notification workflow in the Procurement and sourcing module is used for and how it works. My colleague, Christian Olsson, created the following response which I hope can help others who asks themselves a similar question. The Delivery due date notification workflow is closely related to purchase...Read more

An AX environmental process map in detail 

I recently reviewed the new training material for the AX2012 version of the Environmental dashboard (EMS). A little late in the process I realized that the details on the Environmental process map were a bit insufficient for this feature. I wanted to remedy this since it is really a very “presentable” part of the environmental dashboard...Read more