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Storing Common Data Service activity logs outside of Office 365 

Activity Logging was introduced in Dynamics 365 version 8 and still exists today within Common Data Service. It’s in addition to the existing auditing capability that has been available in Dynamics 365 since CRM 2011. How Activity Logging differs from existing Dynamics 365 auditing Existing audit logging covers enabling and viewing logging for specific entities...Read more

Restrict access to CRM Online with trusted IP Rules 

Applies To: Dynamics CRM Online You can limit access to CRM Online to users with   trusted IP addresses to reduce unauthorized access. When trusted IP address restrictions are set in a user’s profile and the user tries to log in from an untrusted IP address, access to CRM Online is blocked. Requirements A subscription to...Read more

The Power to Create: KEXP 

(Please visit the site to view this video) "Productivity is being able to show up and follow through on what my promises are," Darek Mazzone, KEXP DJ. Seattle’s KEXP , more an inventive…...Read more