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Recap of Retail webinar for August 

The monthly Retail webinar for August was held on the 1st of August and was loaded with exciting content. We covered lots of features, some of which are releasing soon while others are in the early stage of design. We started with a demo of the Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) for point of sale...Read more

Retail webinar for June 

The monthly Retail webinar held on June 6 was filled with some great content and attended by over 80 participants from around the globe. We started with a demo of extensibility enhancements during which the new application programming interface (API) triggers were used with the point of sale (POS). After that, we discussed details of...Read more

What If You Were Truly Connected? 

(Please visit the site to view this video) What if you were truly connected to everyone in your company? Your teams had the tools to share ideas and build on them in real-time, with insight from people…...Read more