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Optional Additional Installation Script for Blocking Analysis with DynamicsPerf v2.0 

In relation to the analysis scripts that come with DynamicsPerf (Performance Analyzer) v2.0, (based on the new extended events being used in place of the SQL profiler trace which featured in v1.20), i.e.: … —            BLOCKING_EVENTS — Blocking events sorted by TIME desc —————————————————————- SELECT TOP 100 * FROM (SELECT event_data.value(‘(event/@name)[1]’, ‘varchar(50)’) AS EVENT_NAME, DATEADD(hh, DATEDIFF(hh,...Read more

Creating and managing custom indexes in Dynamics AX 

Hello, An index is a database structure that is used to speed the retrieval of information from a table, or in some cases to ensure the uniqueness of records in a table. In Dynamics AX, each table comes out-of-the-box with a variety of indexes designed to provide the best results in most cases. As every Dynamics AX...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics AX general performance analysis scripts 

Did you know there is a set of analysis scripts that come with the tool Performance Analyzer 1.20 and can be used to assess the health of your AX system and identify potential causes of performance issues? After downloading the tool (see above link), you can find these scripts in the following folders: ..\DynamicsPerf1.20\DynamicsPerf\DynamicsPerf...Read more