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A country-specific update for Denmark and Austria to support attachments in electronic invoices in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 

This is to inform you that we have released a country-specific update for Denmark and Austria to support attachments in electronic invoices in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. Overview This update allows to support attachments inclusion into electronic invoices output XML files according to UBL requirements. After the installation of this hotfix, the following XSL transformation...Read more

eInvoice DAX 2012 – Trouble shooting 

In the attached file you will find some basic steps to run in case any problems with generating eInvoice files. The steps apply to DAX 2012 for EHF (Norway), OIOUBL (Denmark) and Peppol (Austria). Trouble shooting...Read more

EHF – eInvoice Norway – Contact ID on customer 

DIFI (authorities) defines the Contact ID: The customer contact, known as “Deres ref” in Norwegian, is mandatory. The element is used for the reference of who ordered the products/services. Information is specified in the element AccountingCustomerParty/Party/Contact/ID In AX 2012 R3 the customer contact reference is entered in the field Organizational ID under Miscellaneous details on...Read more

EHF – eInvoice for Norway – DIFI – validation rules 

The validation rules on eInvoice from DIFI will be updated 23rd May in order to handle foreign IBAN numbers. The rules apply to EHF Invoice and Credit note 2.0.5. Ref. This apply to company bank account IBAN number in AX....Read more

Norway: eInvoice (EHF) for Public sector agencies DAX 2012 

You can use electronic invoicing in Microsoft Dynamics AX for sending electronic invoices to public enterprises in Official Information Online Universal Business Language (OIOUBL) format – in Norway, Electronic HandelsFormat (EHF). The current supported version is EHF 2.0.04. Useful document for the feature: You can test whether your invoices, credit notes and reminders...Read more