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Keep an eye on your email bounce rates in Dynamics 365 Marketing 

Everyone who has sent an email message at least a couple of times faced a situation when your email cannot be delivered to the recipient. It is not particularly important if it is just a single email for your friend or family member. But what if the email impacts a critical business function? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to send email campaigns to a large number of recipients. But if you’ve ever...Read more

Email Logging with Exchange Online in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 

Email logging in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a service that allows email integration between Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  With Dynamics NAV 2016, we’ve extended the service to allow connection to an Exchange Online system, either directly to Exchange Online or by the Exchange services provided through a suitable Office 365 account. Email...Read more

Workflow approval via email shows incorrect responses 

I have seen this now a few times in support cases so thought an article should be published.  When using the Workflow email approval functionality, you need to make sure that you use a different Azure service namespace for each environment. Do not setup the same one for each environment (Test, Staging, PROD, etc.) because you will receive...Read more

Sending email notifications for Retail orders [AX 2012 R2 and R3] 

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 had introduced a new feature to automatically generate email messages to recipients based on specific events for Online Orders such as order created, picked, packed, shipped, etc.  With the addition of Call Center in AX 2012 R3, this feature was expanded to encapsulate other Retail orders.  This feature was designed to only...Read more

Sending email receipts from Retail EPOS Transactions (AX 2012) 

There seems to be limited information on how the “Send email receipts” functionality works.  This blog is intended to help provide the basic information and links on how to configure and send email receipts for EPOS transactions. NOTE: For emailing MPOS receipts, see the following blog: Sending email receipts from Retail MPOS transactions To get started, you will...Read more

Sending emails from Dynamics AX to external domains using Exchange Online 

When using Exchange Online as your SMTP server in Dynamics AX 2012, you may have encountered this issue when sending emails, for example notifications, by batch: Method ‘send’ in COM object of class ‘CDO.Message’ returned error code 0x8004020F (<unknown>) which means: <unknown>. The error only occurs when sending emails outside of your organization’s domain, for...Read more

Add attachment stream on SMTP not always working 

This week I did work on a support case where the partner mentioned that adding an attachment from a stream does not always work. The partner delivered a code unit that we used to further analyze the issue. As it was not necessary to further develop a fix for this, we decided to just post...Read more

Emailing Customer Invoices from a batch 

This is an example of emailing the Sales Invoices with Print Management Settings and using a Batch Server. One of the prerequisites to email from a batch is to havean SMTP Server setup and running. This blog goes into the setup within AX, but does not cover the setup of the SMTP Server. The one...Read more

New simplified experience to view and associate activities 

In Polaris and UR12 (opted-in) build Microsoft Dynamics CRM have enhanced experience around business interaction in a novel way. It enhances capability to get details of all customer interactions associated with abusiness record as a unified experience. In the CRM system, customer interactions are represented in the form of Activities i.e. Email, Phone Call, Fax,...Read more

E-Mail Logging: error member Count and E_FAIL 

Recently our support service received support requests where out of the blue the E-mail logging stopped functioning. The reported error was: This message is for C/AL programmers: The call to member Count failed. Collaboration Data Objects returned the following message: [Collaboration Data Objects – [E_FAIL(80004005)]] NOTE: sometimes the same error pops up E_FAIL with member...Read more