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E-mail logging and what to do when upgrading to a new release of Exchange Server or when moving the current Exchange Server to new hardware 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV technical support sometimes gets involved regarding request for E-mail logging assistance after an Exchange Server was migrated from old to new hardware or when the original Exchange Server was upgraded to a later release. Starting in Exchange 2007, the underlying OS should be 64-bit which means that new hardware needs to be...Read more

Outlook Synchronization does not work correctly when multiple contacts have similar names stored in several address books in Microsoft Outlook and some other issues we found 

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog posting about Outlook Synchronization in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. There is some news to mention which makes the configuration less complicated and some issues we found so far. In previous blog postings, in previous Microsoft Dynamics NAV releases and even in the official documentation about...Read more

CRM Online E-mail Router – Yes We Do That! 

Today’s guest blogger is CRM MVP and CRM Forum admin Donna Edwards. She blogs regularly at Today, I was researching CRM E-mail router implementation in reference to Microsoft Exchange and CRM 2011 Online.  As I was clicking through links and reviewing the available information, I quickly realized that this was great stuff and I...Read more

Adding attachments to Templates and Bulk email 

A frequent request from the customers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 was the ability to add attachments to bulk email. Some users were also looking for a mechanism to use email templates when distributing Campaign Activities and Quick Campaign. There were also requests to allow usage of attachments in email templates so that whenever some...Read more

Preventing the Winmail.dat when not using Outlook as the default mail client 

This is one of those scenario’s that is very difficult to troubleshoot because many external components are involved or could be involved like Dynamics NAV, Outlook, an ISP’s mail server, an internal or hosted Exchange Server, different webmail clients, Outlook Express and of course third party mail clients. Partners, end customers and Microsoft do not...Read more

Outlook Synchronization and preventing duplication of contacts, tasks, etc. 

When a new contact is created in Dynamics NAV, you may want to synchronize that contact to Outlook. Sometimes it could happen that during the next synchronization attempt, this specific contact seems to duplicate somehow. This blog describe how this could happen and what you could do to prevent this. This blog will also describe...Read more

Outlook Synchronization and some core features of Terminal Server 

At the moment we see an incoming volume of support cases regarding Outlook Synchronization and core features of Terminal Server. That would be a good subject for a new blog. Partners would like to setup roaming profiles, mandatory profiles and maybe even setup Network Load Balancing so that the end user does not know to...Read more