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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Custom Code Validation Tool Released 

Download: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Custom Code Validation Tool The purpose of this tool is to assist customers and partners of Microsoft Dynamics CRM identify potential issues with their custom JavaScript in JavaScript libraries and HTML web resources.  The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q4 2012 Service Update will include significant changes in the web application in...Read more

Like-Unlike for Activity Feeds 

  Activity Feeds solution has been on the marketplace since late last year. With an upcoming UR, we areadding new cool features including filters, ability to set a default view andof course like-unlike. In this post we’ll walk through the like-unlike featureand SDK how-to. If you’d like a quick refresher on the SDK, try thispost. There...Read more

Whitepaper Comparing xRM Application Framework and 

In concert with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Launch last week, we released a whitepaper titled “Comparing xRM Application Framework and” targeted at developers & ISVs. While the two technologies have many technical similarities, they also have important differences. This paper illustrates why xRM (the framework that underpins CRM) is clearly the superior choice...Read more

Increasing CRM Adoption with Inline Reporting 

Last week at Convergence I lead a session on reporting for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. At that session I’d promised to provide some more details on how you can embed SQL Server Reporting Services reports into your CRM forms. This technique improves adoption of CRM by adding context to forms and by providing a richer user...Read more

Case Number is Just the Ticket 

Today’s guest blogger is the technical director of AlexaCRM™ and CRM MVP George Doubinski. Follow him at his blog, Georged CRM Blog. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a number of entities that, in addition to the record id (represented by GUID data type in the system), also contain unique text identifiers that can be automatically generated...Read more

Fetch It 

My colleague Tony Clayton the other day mentioned that he’d loved to have a tool that allowed him to enter fetch xml queries to rip data out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Fetch XML is a part of the CRM technology platform that allows you to create queries using an xml language. The queries can...Read more

CRM Authentication 

In this post, I will try to give you some insights on how CRM authentication works. Modification or updates to CRM authentication pipeline is not supported. This article should be for your reference purpose only. CRM authentication framework has a pluggable modular structure. Where each supported authentication is plugged into the architecture. CRM supports different...Read more

New Information about Knowledge Base Articles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 

Don’t miss the new information that we just published in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update! In addition to new Visual Studio projects and new samples, you can get information about attributes that are specific to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  Here’s a sample, which covers the states of the knowledge base article, of what’s new...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Plug-in Template for Visual Studio 

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Experience team is always looking to improve our customers’ experience when using the SDK. Past examples of our work in this area include publishing the Plug-in Developer tool and the Plug-in Registration tool for registering plug-ins and custom workflow activities. This blog is about another useful tool for your development...Read more

New Release of CRM SDK, V4.0.6 

Announcing the sixth update to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK. You can download it here or read it online at the CRM Developer Center. What’s New in this Release? Updates include: E-mail Provider documentation – Have you wanted to know about creating a custom e-mail provider? This all new section gives you the basics!...Read more

Client Extensions and Scripting Samples in the SDK Part 2 

Continuing from my previous blog post Client Extensions and Scripting Samples in the SDK Part 1, I will continue to point out a few of the samples for client extensions and scripting that have been added to the SDK. In Part 1 I covered the following: Add Customer Address data to the Case record form....Read more

Client Extensions and Scripting Samples in the SDK Part 1 

I want to call attention to some of the client extension and scripting samples included in the SDK. There are a number of new capabilities and samples sprinkled throughout documentation. People who have been working with Microsoft CRM for a long time may not have noticed unless they make it a habit to compare each...Read more