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Customizations in the December 2012 Service Update 

With the December 2012 Service Update, we introduced a modern application experience focusing on a clean user experience and great visual appeal. Highlights: New forms focused on the data that matters Seamless inline edits Integrated business processes to guide end users to get their job done Eliminated popups This is great, but you might wonder...Read more

CRM for iPad 

Some years ago, CRM entered the mobile world with the release of Mobile Express. We’ve heard from customers about the limitations of this experience, and we’ve worked hard to address their concerns. In our current release, we’ve made a serious commitment to our mobile customers by offering Mobile Safari support. We’re proud to say users...Read more

Power User Tip: End Series for Recurring Appointments 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 introduces the capability to create recurring appointment in CRM and its bi-directional synchronization support with Outlook. In this blog I am going to discuss about one of the enhanced capabilities introduced by CRM which leverages user to preserve past instances in the user preferred state. Before going into more discussion we...Read more

Exploring Recurring appointment and Linked fields 

The recurring appointment is new enhancement in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and I will show you how to customize it with respect to your organization’s need. After reading this post, you can able to create fields in recurring appointment entity and link it to a field in appointment entity. After creating the link, the expansion...Read more

Using OData Retrieve in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, we have added a new Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) data services (ODATA) endpoint. The endpoint facilitates CRUD operation on entities via scripts using Atom or Json format. In this blog I would be talking about some of the considerations when using the endpoint, specifically around the use...Read more

Recently Visited List and Sitemap Menu 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has some cool new features that allow for a more efficient navigation. There is the Recently Viewed List, the Sitemap menu and the List Navigation. I love them because they make me more productive navigating CRM. Curious? Read on! Recently Visited List One of my favorite end user productivity features in...Read more

Welcome to the World of Dialogs – Part 2 

This post is in continuation to the previous introductory post on Dialogs Part I. In this post, we’ll take you through an example of contact creation dialog and give you a basic introduction to data slugs, how to use them and also, how to use a data slug for Optionset values. This post also contains...Read more

CRM 2011 Charts – Know the Real Potential ~ Part I 

7. Now Click Export and save the Xml. You will get the exported Xml like: <visualization> <visualizationid>{A3A9EE47-5093-DE11-97D4-00155DA3B01E}</visualizationid> <name>Sum(Estimated Revenue) by Owner</name > <description>Shows the estimated revenue by owner.</description> <primaryentitytypecode>opportunity</primaryentitytypecode> <datadescription> <datadefinition> <fetchcollection> <fetch mapping="logical" aggregate="true"> <entity name="opportunity"> <attribute alias="aggregate_column" name="estimatedvalue" aggregate="sum" /> <attribute groupby="true" alias="groupby_column" name="ownerid" /> </entity> </fetch> </fetchcollection> <categorycollection> <category> <measurecollection> <measure alias="aggregate_column"...Read more

Bulk Activity Management 

Activities form a major part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Sometimes it becomes necessary to perform operations on many of these activities at once. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provide ways to manage multiple activities at once. With the new grid view of Dynamics CRM 2011 you just have to select the multiple activities you want to...Read more