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Form ActivationDeactivation state 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 brings capability to Activate\Deactivate forms of type Main. In this blog we are going to discuss more about this. How to Activate\Deactivate from Solution Explorer User can set state for form via Activate\Deactivate command on Forms grid Navigate to Settings > Customization  > Customize the System or Solution Explorer                 ...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Updated Form Performance 

In the CRM 2013 release, significant improvements are made in the way forms are loaded in the browser. The new forms load more smoothly and perform better compared to previous releases. This blog post provides insight into the loading of forms for updated entities. To make the user interaction with the updated entity forms smooth,...Read more

Upgrading to the CRM 2013 User Experience 

Goals This document covers the User Experience (UX) enhancements delivered with the CRM 2013 and CRM Online Fall ‘13 release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A limited set of these experiences were delivered with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service update for the CRM Online customers and this fall 2013 release is a milestone in...Read more

Changing the Background Color on AX Forms in AX 2012 

I recently wrote some additions to a nice little utility that changes the background color in forms.  For each company you can set the background color to a different color of your liking.  The color serves as a visual reminder of which company you are currently logged into.  Enjoy!   Addendum:  I just added a...Read more

Tips and Tricks: Filling in Lookups 

Who hasn’t been thankful for the form assistant in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 when doing a demo? You could quickly click on any of the records that showed up to fill in the lookups. After all, it didn’t really matter if you added Jane Doe or John Doe as a contact. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011...Read more

Research method on X++ forms 

In AX2009 if you call the research() method on a form passing true, the cursor position within a grid should be retained.  However, this is true only if the query created by the form uses inner joins.  Any outer joins, aggregations, temp tables, etc. cause the cursor to go to either the first or last...Read more

Create a Custom Quote, Order or Invoice Report for your Customers 

Guest blogger and CRM MVP Donna Edwards talks about a tip to help you customize reports and documents for your customers. Many organizations appreciate the ability to generate ‘branded’ Quotes, Orders, Invoices and other Customer related documents from CRM. This post will guide you through the steps required to create a report that will run...Read more

CRM Online Signup: Adding User Names 

To make this a better experience (see picture to left), Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online introduces a new signup page for user to enter his/her first name and last name along with the WLID. The input for the first name and last name are required like WLID. This change gives the user the opportunity to specify...Read more

New Dependent Picklist Sample 

People frequently need to use client scripts to create dependent drop-down (picklist) fields. You can find many different approaches to do this in the CRM Forums and blog posts. We have had a “Dynamic Picklist” sample in the SDK for some time, but I received feedback that it didn’t work so well. The effort to...Read more