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Default descriptions Key4 – Key6 definitions 

2 min read

I’ve seen a few requests asking to provide a list of all transaction types and the correlating key definitions that can be used to default text of the accounting entries in the general ledger. I’ve made a research looking at the cross-references of the TransactionTxt class and here’s what I’ve got. Standard AX normally populates the…Read more


Trial balance Opening balances are incorrect after Fiscal year close 

1 min read

Hello, In some situations, if you check the opening balance amounts just after having executed the Fiscal year close Opening transactions process, you will see that the displayed values are incorrect. What you see may be only “temporarily” incorrect: if you check again after a few minutes, the balances may have changed to show the expected values. This is…Read more


Accounting for Purchase charge and Stock variation 

4 min read

Dear readers, The SCM-costing team is happy to announce that an update for the “Post to charge” accounting principle is finally ready. The update includes a significant change in the ledger accounting logic consumed by the “Post to charge” accounting principle. This change might require that customers reconfigure their posting profiles in order to get…Read more


AX 2009: The “Goal” value in the Profitability Analysis report on RoleCenter page pages does not show the budgeted values 

3 min read

I came across this sometime back now. The “Goal” value in the Profitability Analysis report on RoleCenterpage pages does not show the budgeted values. Going through the KPI underneath the Report I found: -The general ledger KPIs in the analysis database does not take into account any budget defined in AX Client as the goal…Read more