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Quick Start Guides for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

The Dynamics CRM User Assistance team is pleased to announcethe release of two new pieces of user documentation:  QuickStart guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM business users (directdownload) QuickStart guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook users (directdownload)   Based on frequent requests from customers and partners,these one-page documents help end users get up to speed...Read more

Date/Time Values in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Inherent to its nature as a Relationship Management product, Microsoft Dynamics CRM manages the time for all resources of a business as an important part of the system. Managing time values in the CRM system appears to be simple, but in practice it is a complex task, just as it is in real life managing...Read more


I’m here with Ben Vollmer in the Community Lounge at the Convergence conference. After a day of back to back customer/partner meetings I’m pretty much ‘Converged’. Tomorrow is the SteveB keynote which I’m told will be spectacular. Unfortunately I’m on a plane back to Redmond at the time – as I need to present to...Read more

Live Blogging from Convergence 

I’m ‘blogging live’ here from the Convergence Community Lounge with fellow CRM blogger extraordinaire Menno te Koppele You can find me near the ping pong table and the Xboxes. Convergence is the annual Microsoft Dynamics Customer/Partner conference. This year we have been whisked to sunny San Diego – only to hide indoors for pretty much...Read more

Welcome Back! 

Ilana Smith, the founder of the CRM team blog, has recently taken up a new role the Dynamics NAV team (based in København). As she alluded to in her final post I will be taking over some of her duties in this space. The practice of blogging has been ‘virally embraced’ at Microsoft. Almost every...Read more

Update Rollup 1 is available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 

The Microsoft CRM Sustained Engineering team has released Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Update Rollup 1 for Server and Sales for Outlook. This Update Rollup is significant in that it is the first publicly-available hotfix/update rollup for CRM 3.0.  It makes it very easy for customers to update their Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 systems to the latest...Read more

Microsoft CRM v3.0 Update Rollup 1 nearing Release 

CRM Sustained Engineering has been working with more than sixty selected customers and partners during a highly effective pre-release testing program.  We expect to send out a set of updated Pre-Release packages to the participants by Tuesday, November 21st for a final test pass.  We are targeting Nov. 30th, 2006 as the public release date,...Read more

Ensuring Quality: Scenario Based Testing 

This morning I spent about an hour with one of our partners and their customer discussing how we ensure quality in the design and development of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  The request for my input was not surprising (nor unusual) given the highly customizable and extensible nature of our product, as well the stringent requirements around...Read more

Using Storyboard Prototypes In Your Design Process 

Today, I’d like to share a few notes on a processes we’re using when designing UI features on the CRM team. I’ll also point you to a great toolkit that can help you design and create lightweight UI prototypes of CRM solutions. One of the design techniques we use is to create Storyboard Prototypes. Storyboarding...Read more

CRM Team Blog celebrates Six Months! 

Like our new look?  It’s thanks to Aaron Elder from Invoke Systems.  It’s a little poetic to have someone who guided the look of our product for so long make our blog look pretty too. I think of our change as a new party dress.  Six months ago today, we embarked on our fool-hardy blogging adventure.  We planned...Read more

Customer service goes “next-gen” with Microsoft CRM 

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a customer who was looking to develop what they were referring to as “next-generation” customer service.  A long-time user of Clarify, this customer was looking to break from the mold of having application screens and forms drive their customer service workflow, and evolve their business to deliver...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Recognized by Top Industry Influencers 

Microsoft CRM and Brad Wilson named winners of CRM Magazine’s 2006 CRM Market Awards as independent research firm’s report analyzes the product. REDMOND, Wash. — Sept. 19, 2006 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 3.0 has won CRM Magazine’s 2006 CRM Market Leader Awards in both the Midmarket Suite CRM and Small...Read more