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Change multiple Application Area tags with PowerShell 

Visibility of the controls in Business Central can be regulated by the ApplicationArea property. For more information, see ( Before you convert an existing Dynamics NAV solution to an extension written in AL, the ApplicationArea property must be set on all your custom controls. Otherwise, they will not be visible. Setting the ApplicationArea property one by one is a tedious task...Read more

AL Developer Previews, multiple releases, and GitHub 

With this blog post we would like to give a better overview of the Developer Preview program in the context of the released product versions (NAV 2018, Dynamics 365 Business Central) as well as provide more clarity on the purpose of the AL GitHub forum ( Early Preview Phase As many of you know, in...Read more

Be vigilant against phishing attempts 

We have seen reports of Dynamics NAV being used in phishing campaigns involving fake invoices from Microsoft. Please remember to always be vigilant against phishing attempts. For more on protecting yourself from phishing scams, please see  ...Read more

Service Principal Names (SPN) for Dynamics NAV Web Services 

We, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support Team in the Customer Service and Support (CSS) department, see from time to time cases asking for the Service Principal Names (SPN) that are required for Dynamics NAV Web Services (WS) to run properly on a three-tier environment with Kerberos enabled. Let’s start with a little bit of history...Read more

Connecting to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Version 9.0 

Dynamics NAV 2016 and later versions use a native integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales for a smooth experience. But our friends in the Dynamics 365 for Sales team have announced a new customer-driven update that will be come with version 9.0. The target of this update was to be available before the end of...Read more

Smart solutions 3: Custom Vision 

In a previous post we looked at how to use a general service , Computer Vision, to recognize content and faces in images. There is another model which you train yourself, called Custom Vision. Scenario Your company uses NFC chips  to detect movements of components between your warehouse and production floor. Why not, instead of...Read more

Smart solutions 2: Programming Computer Vision in C/AL code 

In the previous post, we looked at an example of how Microsoft has built Azure Machine Learning (ML) functionality into Dynamics NAV. We discussed the Image Analyzer extension, which uses the Computer Vision API from Microsoft Cognitive Services to identify attributes in images attached to items and contact persons. We’re going to go a little...Read more