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More benefits of hosted ERP….. 

In my last post I spoke about minimized initial investments and accelerated ROI. Continuing where I left you guys a few weeks back and with the promise of coming back with more benefits of hosted ERP,…...Read more

Benefits of hosted ERP 

I want to follow up on my post from last week on "Choice" where I promised to come back and talk to some of the business benefits of hosted ERP. Hosted ERP solutions provide a wealth of compelling…...Read more

Customizing OU User Access in a Hosted Environment 

Sometimes an organization unit (OU) will want to restrict Active Directory (AD) User queries in a hosted environment in CRM 4.0. This allows them more security from external organizations. In the multi-tenant or hosting environment, all CRM administrators can browse the entire AD structure and add any user to their CRM organization. This presents the...Read more

On-demand Hosted Microsoft CRM Demo 

The Microsoft Dynamics Hosted team has released a new on-demand hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM demo, the first in a series of SaaS-enabled solutions the team is developing for partners and prospective customers interested in hosted Microsoft products. The English-only demo is a fully operational hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment, enabling Service Providers to deliver “try before...Read more