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Warning when installing AX 2012 R3 Application hotfix: The model store you selected requires a newer version of the installer than the one you’re using. 

Scenario: When you try to install a single Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Application hotfix you may sometime experience the following warning; and installation will not proceed further: The model store you selected requires a newer version of the installer than the one you’re using.  The latest version of the update installer can be downloaded from...Read more

Important application hotfixes 

Short link to this page is   Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Area Topic Build Comment Update Link RUS CLADR > Storage and Import of FIAS 6.3.6000.3510 27 Dec 2017 After CU13 KB4052196 MEX “The field TipoCambioDR” error when trying to get stamp for a payment journal 6.3.6000.3495 26 Dec 2017 After CU13 KB4058497 NLD New...Read more

Installing a stand-alone Dynamics AX 2012 on Windows 8 

It took a little while but finally I managed to get my AX up and running on Windows 8. For those of you who want to do the same, here are a couple of pointers: SharePoint 2010 is as tricky as it was on Windows 7. This KB article will help out: Note that...Read more

AX for Retail 2012: Store Connect missing mfc100u.dll error 

All components of AX for Retail 2012 now get installed via the unified AX installer.  One of the nice things about this installer is the built-in Prerequisites Validation checker that it has. However, there is one missing prerequisite for the Store Connect installer;  you may get the following error when you launch the setup utility:...Read more

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX build numbers 

For newer versions click here -> Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations builds Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3     (Roadmap survey) Version Build Availability Download link Recent kernel build 6.3.6000.8144 28 Feb 2019 KB4492767 February 2019 Update 6.3.6000.8149 20 Apr 2019 Feb 2019 Release Cumulative Update 13 6.3.6000.149* 13 Sep 2017 KB4032175 Cumulative Update 12 6.3.5000.138*...Read more

Dynamics AX 2012 Prerequisite Check Utility and SQL Server cluster 

You may wonder why you’re getting an error that there’s no SQL Server instance available when you run the Dynamics AX 2012 Prerequisite Check Utility on active SQL Server cluster node. Why does this happen? The Dynamics AX 2012 Prerequisite Check Utility is getting list of all services which names are equal to MSSQLSERVER or...Read more