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Intermittent Inventory On Hand Performance Issues 

5 min read

A few customers have reported intermittent performance issues involving inventory on hand related queries on the InventSum, InventDim and/or WHSInventReserve tables, due to bad query plans regarding the table joins. This not only applies to on hand inquiries necessarily, but anything else dependent on it, e.g. inventory related posting processes, e.g. purchase invoicing. So based…Read more


Key Clean up Features for InventSum and InventDim Tables 

4 min read

Author: Arnold van Wageningen Please find below a summary of the clean-up features we currently offer in regards to InventSum and InventDim tables which can be found under the menu: Inventory management > Periodic > Clean up. The Inventory Dimensions cleanup shows the following help text: “The ‘Clean up unused inventory dimensions’ batch process deletes…Read more