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Electronic invoicing add-on (preview) expands capabilities for Dynamics 365 business applications 

There are a number of reasons for companies to use electronic invoicing instead of paper documents, such as maintaining compliance, being able to adapt quickly to changing regulations, and reducing manual errors – not to mention reducing costs and speeding up end-to-end invoice processing. In addition, governments are increasingly turning to electronic invoicing as a...Read more

How to consolidate intercompany customer invoices 

Recently I shared a post explaining how to consolidate intercompany vendor invoices. In this post I will cover how to consolidate intercompany customer invoice. Go to customer account then go to Setup group and select Summary update, in default values for summary update mark invoice check box. Press Arrange button, then the system consolidated the...Read more

How to consolidate intercompany vendor invoices 

The intercompany transactions are frequently used between sister companies; at the end of the trading cycle the invoicing should take place. Let us assume that there is trading relation between two sister companies, in daily business practice company A sells goods to its sister company B. The invoices relation could be one invoice for one...Read more

Sending email notifications for Retail orders [AX 2012 R2 and R3] 

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 had introduced a new feature to automatically generate email messages to recipients based on specific events for Online Orders such as order created, picked, packed, shipped, etc.  With the addition of Call Center in AX 2012 R3, this feature was expanded to encapsulate other Retail orders.  This feature was designed to only...Read more

Creating credit notes in Project Accounting 

Special thanks to engineer Sharon Price for providing the following blog content.  Due to technical issues I am posting it on her behalf. Switching from 4.0 to 2012: Creating a Credit Note in Projects Dynamics AX improves and changes its design and layout with each of its versions.  AX 2012 has an easy approach that...Read more

Corrupted data that may prevent you to post a purchase invoice 

We have come across some scenarios where it was not possible to complete purchase invoicing, for example: There is pending invoice in AX that is not visible in invoicepool. It can be seen only from purchase order side. It blocks many orders. A Pending Invoice is not appearing in PL>common>Pending Supplier Invoices however when you go to...Read more

A simple explanation of duplicate number sequences in AX 2012 

Ever run into an issue where you get duplicate number sequence errors in AX 2012 but you know you are using a different number sequence reference for the transaction?  Below is a simple walkthrough explaining why you get theses types of errors.   Let’s use the AP Invoice voucher and AP Payment voucher as examples. Below are...Read more

Resource pages for AX Topics 

We’ve recently created several resource pages for different AX topics like SSRS integrations, Invoice settlements, discounts and reversals, Enterprise Portal, and Workflow.  The resource pages are a place where you can find lots of information on the particular topic the page covers.  If these sound interesting to you have a look here: more

When you attempt to email customer invoices through AX 2009, you receive the “Print Management settings are not applicable” error message. 

When you attempt to email customer invoices through Dynamics AX 2009 using Print Management, you’ll receive the error message “Print Management settings are not applicable” if the Print Management settings are not established appropriately. The email destination option in Print Management works in conjunction with the ‘Do not print’ setting. If you have the ‘Do...Read more