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Build a tailored fraud prevention strategy with custom assessments 

Effectively managing fraud requires a multi-tiered strategy. It is essential to adopt a fraud prevention strategy with a broad view, encompassing multiple user interaction events, and phased decision-making points. A user interacts in many ways on a merchant’s website, such as searching for products, updating account info, writing a review, adding or removing items from...Read more

Forget about forgetting with the latest update to action items in conversation intelligence 

As the world of sales is increasing its adoption of digital transformation, we are looking for ways to help boost your sales teams’ productivity and give them tools, like conversation intelligence, that help them focus on winning deals without distractions. After talking to sellers and managers from different sales teams, we found that the tasks...Read more

Tips for setting up sales forecasting in Dynamics 365 Sales 

Most sales organizations understand the value of maintaining an accurate sales forecast. However, many are still tracking forecasts with a time-consuming spreadsheet. This blog post provides some best practices for using forecasting capabilities in Dynamics 365 Sales to help simplify creating accurate forecasts, even during rapidly changing conditions. Benefits of sales forecasting Sales forecasting is...Read more

Partner support plans in Lifecycle Services 

With our latest releases, partners with an Advanced Support for Partner (ASfP) support plan are now required to link the unique ASfP Contract ID/Access ID combination in LCS. For online incidents the default PartnerSource Business Center Account no longer applies. If you do not know your unique Contract ID/Access ID combination, reach out to your...Read more