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Debugging custom JavaScript code in CRM using browser developer tools 

You can use JavaScript in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to perform actions in form scripts, command bar (ribbon) commands, and web resources. More information: Use JavaScript with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Each browser provides you with a debugging tool to help you debug your custom JavaScript code natively in the browser. Typically, you activate debugging in your...Read more

New Microsoft CRM SDK Sample: Sdk.Soap.js 

Sdk.Soap.js is a JavaScript library that helps you write JavaScript with web resources that use the CRM 2013 Modern App SOAP endpoint (formerly called the SOAP endpoint for web resources). This library makes writing JavaScript code for data operations much like using C#. While the OData (REST) endpoint is good for many things and is...Read more

How to Manage Auto Save for individual forms of entity 

In our previous blog we had discussed about how to manage auto save. We learned about the auto save capabilities and also discussed few scenarios where you might want to disable it. We discussed about how to control this at the organization level as well.  The organization level setting turns off auto save for all...Read more

Check your JavaScript code to prepare for your upgrade 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is changing. To keep up with these changes so that you can take advantage of new features you need to check that any JavaScript code you are using is ready for an upgrade. Why do I need to check my JavaScript? What has changed? How can I check my code? How can...Read more

Updated Xrm.Page Script Library Template 

The latest release of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK (v5.0.14) includes an update to the Xrm.Page Script Library Template. The Xrm.Page Script Library Template is a solution that helps you write and test form scripts using Visual Studio. The main improvements are: New Visual Studio Project Template Extensions that support installing the Xrm.Page Script Library...Read more

Script Errors After the December 2012 Service Update 

Before your Microsoft CRM Online organization is updated to the December 2012 Service release we hope you have taken steps to address potential issues which could cause form scripts to break. Information about how to prepare was published last summer in the following blog posts: Resolve Breaking Script Issues When Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft...Read more

New Form Scripting Quick Reference SDK Topic 

The latest version of the Software Development Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (5.0.12) includes a new  From Scripting Quick Reference topic.I added this in response to feedback that it is hard to find how to perform specific tasks using the Xrm.Page Reference.The topic contains sections with the following structure:...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Custom Code Validation Tool Released 

Download: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Custom Code Validation Tool The purpose of this tool is to assist customers and partners of Microsoft Dynamics CRM identify potential issues with their custom JavaScript in JavaScript libraries and HTML web resources.  The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q4 2012 Service Update will include significant changes in the web application in...Read more

Resolve Breaking Script Issues When Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

We want you to have a great experience when you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A future update rollup for Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises and service update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online  will include significant changes in the web application in order to be able to support a variety of browsers. This change will expand the...Read more