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Auto publish and expire knowledge articles 

3 min read

We’re really excited about the new Knowledge Management capabilities  we shipped as part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. One of the common scenarios for Knowledge Managers is to schedule knowledge articles to be published and removed from public access at a specific time. Let’s say you’re the Knowledge Manager for our infamous Contoso wearables company. Your…Read more


Knowledge article lifecycle: An introduction 

6 min read

The introduction of the Knowledge Article entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 comes with many new and exciting features designed to bring strong knowledge management capabilities into Dynamics CRM. I am excited to explain a little bit more about the lifecycle, which is a key concept in the new Knowledge Article entity. I will cover…Read more


The Knowledge Imperative 

2 min read

Knowledge management is in transition. Long the domain of knowledge bases and knowledge articles the way we are collecting, storing, maintaining, and using knowledge has been changing steadily for the……Read more