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Working with the message – System.ArgumentException: The endpoint associated with contract :HcmMassBenefitExpirationEngine is not found 

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I have seen a few instances with the following error:  “System.ArgumentException: The endpoint associated withcontract :HcmMassBenefitExpirationEngine is not found. at Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.WCFDynamicProxy.DynamicProxyFactory.GetEndpoint(StringcontractName, String contractNamespace) at Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.WCFDynamicProxy.DynamicProxyFactory.GetProxy(StringcontractName) at RunAsync(interpret* ip)” 2.  Once the deployment has completed, close the info log. 4.  We now need to create new record to enter the HCMMassBenefitExpirationEngineService.runExpirationProcess. Press Control + N on the Read more