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What to do if you have a crash 

3 min read

This post is designed to give a simple set of steps to follow if you ever have a crash situation and you’re not sure how to troubleshoot it. To identify the cause of a crash the most important piece of evidence or log is a memory dump file – you need to set something up before…Read more


Error executing code: Insufficient memory to run script 

4 min read

In Dynamics AX 4.0 or Dynamics AX 2009 it can happen that a lengthy operation terminates with the following error message in the InfoLog or Windows application event log: Error executing code: Insufficient memory to run script.  A typical example that can result in this error message is when you are running the Reverse Engineering…Read more


AOS Service out of memory 

1 min read

This week I saw an issue with an AOS which was consuming too much memory (~1.8gb) and then throwing users off.Put simply this was because in the server configuration utility, database tuning tab, the maximum buffer size was set too high. In my experience this is a commnon mistake. The field is actually held in…Read more