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3 aspects to consider when migrating to Dynamics 365 in the cloud—it’s like building your next dream house 

Migrating your on-premises business applications to the cloud can be like building your very own dream home. It’s incredibly exciting and will be perfect for your unique needs but can feel daunting when going at it alone. Ensuring you have a strong plan is crucial. Let’s explore this metaphor a bit more as we examine...Read more

3 resources that advance your on-premises migration to Dynamics 365 

Change is not always easy. Economic disruptions from COVID-19 have compelled most organizations to assess whether their legacy systems, processes, and infrastructure can provide the necessary agility to remain competitive. While shifting market conditions have accelerated cloud adoption, some are still weighing migration costs, complexities, and risks against the benefits. There are many reasons to...Read more

Introducing new capabilities to transform customer service and field service 

Today we’re announcing new capabilities to help customer and field service teams deliver more consistent and engaging experiences, from the call center to on-site visits. The new features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. provide the agility to adapt to changing customer needs, as well as streamline agent and...Read more

Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 2021 release launches with hundreds of new capabilities 

Today officially kicks off a six-month wave of hundreds of new capabilities, feature updates, and applications across Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. Launch event highlights new 2021 release wave 1 capabilities and spotlights how they benefit BNY Mellon, Patagonia, Rockwell Automation, and The Coca-Cola Company....Read more

4 successful supply chain transformation stories with Dynamics 365 

These four success stories provide insights into how leading companies use a modern, cloud-based, intelligent platform to deliver versatility, scalability, and rapid time to value. They also illustrate how Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps companies operate with a customer first mindset from production to fulfillment....Read more

3 reasons to accelerate your migration journey to Dynamics 365 

Having spoken to over 300 Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-premises customers, I have a lot of empathy for companies that are faced with the decision to migrate to the cloud. Most commonly I’ve heard that changing business software can appear risky, daunting, and expensive, but the customers that have successfully migrated to Dynamics 365 will tell...Read more

Unify ecosystem-wide data with a flexible customer data platform 

In today’s digital economy, delivering an exceptional customer experience across every touchpoint has quickly become a competitive differentiator. Most organizations realize if they hope to remain successful they must effectively leverage the vast amounts of data available to them in order to support the personalized engagement that customers expect. According to McKinsey, organizations that harness...Read more

Accelerate implementations with the expanded FastTrack for Dynamics 365 

Today, more than ever, your organization needs to adapt to changing business conditions with incredible speed and efficacy. Whether you’re shifting to digital sales or streamlining your supply chain, Dynamics 365 plays a pivotal role in digital transformation initiatives by bringing customers and business priorities together with the next generation of CRM and ERP applications....Read more

Overcome disruptions in your supply chain 

The pandemic has forced manufacturers to make rapid adjustments, like changing factory layouts and bringing plants online with inexperienced staff while trying to maintain quality and safety standards. To address these challenges, manufacturers will need to focus on reskilling and cross-skilling to augment a worker’s knowledge. Today we’re announcing new updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365...Read more

Sales enablement partnerships enhance personalization for Dynamics 365 

Implementing a modern sales enablement toolset can generate over 650 percent ROI, according to Forrester; a finding that underscores the opportunity cost of not addressing the challenges many sales organizations face. Using outdated systems and fragmented data can create a disconnected view of buyer journeys and touch points. Costly time is often spent tracking down...Read more

Why it’s time to move your on-premises ERP to the cloud 

Is your on-premises ERP solution holding back your business? Most likely, according to new research made available in our new eBook on the advantages of cloud-based ERP. More than 60 percent of surveyed companies still rely on an out-of-date ERP solution—at least five years old—which can act as an anchor, impacting profitability by dragging down...Read more

Migrate your Dynamics CRM 2011 Knowledge base articles to new Dynamics 365 Knowledge base articles 

Knowledge Management has always been a core of any Customer Service organization in helping achieve better CSAT and consistency in solving customer issues. Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) had Knowledge Management capabilities starting with the first Knowledge Management module in Dynamics CRM 2011 to the latest Knowledge Management module launched in Dynamics CRM 2015 release....Read more