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The Dynamics AX DB Upgrade Preparation Tool (AxDbUpgrade.exe) crashes after launching 

1 min read

I was once launching the Dynamics AX DB Upgrade Preparation Tool (AxDbUpgrade.exe) on a Windows Server 2008. I was using the version distributed with the Dynamics AX 2009 DVD. The issue here was that the tool was crashing shortly after launching. In the Application event log I could find the following error: Faulting application AxDbUpgrade.exe,…Read more


AX Data Import Performance 

2 min read

This one comes up fairly often for me, importing a large volume of data into AX, it performs badly, what on earth can I do to make it faster?? Well there are a few options, here’s the details that I give to people when they ask: Optimise the dat file method of export/import, there are…Read more