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E-Mail Logging: error member Count and E_FAIL 

Recently our support service received support requests where out of the blue the E-mail logging stopped functioning. The reported error was: This message is for C/AL programmers: The call to member Count failed. Collaboration Data Objects returned the following message: [Collaboration Data Objects – [E_FAIL(80004005)]] NOTE: sometimes the same error pops up E_FAIL with member...Read more

How to collect environment info for Dynamics NAV client using PowerShell 

Following Lars script for 3-tier troubleshooting, I’ve created my own script which collects info from PC where Dynamics NAV clients are installed. This info could be used for further investigations and potential problems findings. What does script do? In current folder (where from script was started) is created subfolder ‘Results’. If ‘Results’ folder already exists,...Read more

Complicating the synchronization setup with newly created entities 

During one of the conferences I attended where I spoke about Outlook Synchronization, the request was to talk about the creation of new entities and extending the solution with new fields. Let’s do this now with a new blog. First of all, you need to ensure you have applied latest patches and fixes. For this...Read more

Baseline implementation utilizing Outlook Synchronization in Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 

  Some people asked me to update the original blog posting Outlook Synchronization and baseline implementation for Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 and Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 since Microsoft did release Dynamics NAV 2009 R2. Let’s take the opportunity to mention latest news regarding Outlook Synchronization solution in a complete new blog, specifically written for Dynamics...Read more

Outlook Synchronization: Synchronization conflicts resolution 

Resolving conflicts can be configured in the Outlook Add-In. There are four ways of doing this: 1. Replace Outlook items with Microsoft Dynamics NAV records 2. Replace Microsoft Dynamics NAV records with Outlook items 3. Replace older entities with newer ones 4. Replace conflicts manually In this scenario, the end user will have to decide...Read more

NAV 3-tier troubleshooting with PowerShell 

  Whenever there is a problem with a NAV 3-tier setup, typically we check the same usual things to begin with (SPNs, Delegation, NAV Service account, etc). Below is a link to a PowerShell script that collects some of this information for you. So rather than logging on to a customer’s NAV Server, then Domain...Read more

WS on a multilanguage environment 

After collecting Partner’s and Customer’s feedback about the changes introduced on build 32558 regarding Web Services (remember), DEV team has decided to introduce a way of avoiding them if desired.  In order to do so a new feature has been introduced on build 33137 (KB Article 2667345), this new feature allows you to add a...Read more

Costing Error Detection and Data Correction White Paper for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 

A new Costing Error and Data Correction white paper and a Costing Error Detection report have been released on PartnerSource and CustomerSource. The Costing Error Detection and Data Correction white paper discusses common inventory costing issues and how you can correct erroneous data after inventory costing issues have been identified. The white paper focuses on...Read more

Managing network files in RTC 

In Dynamics NAV 2009 in RTC client if you are accessing files located on network machines, these files can be accessed when each service is running on single machine, when SQL and NST are on same machine (2 tier) or each service is running on separate machine (3 tier). However when accessing such network files in (2...Read more

How to Add Shortcuts Menu in the RoleTailored Client 

In the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 RoleTailored client environment the Shortcuts Menu feature, which was present in earlier versions of Dynamics NAV for Classic client, has not been added. I have then tried, in this blog, to mimic what Classic client does and developed a couple of pages and one table to let users...Read more

Few tips about filters usage in latest Dynamics NAV RTC builds 

I want to describe few tips about filters usage in Dynamics NAV RTC. This can be useful for users who worked with classic client and came to RTC. In Dynamics NAV Classic Client we can construct filters in filters window using following operators: ..   Range &   And |   Or <   Less than <=   Less than...Read more