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Manage Max No. of XML Records to Send Option from RoleTailored Client (with .NET Interop) 

With NAV 2009 R2 it is now possible to set how many XML records to send to RoleTailored Client (RTC), bypassing the previous hardcoded limitation of 5000 records. This could be done by installing platform hotfix KB 2492490 Build no. 32146 or higher.$EN-US$2492490&wa=wsignin1.0   I just would like to explain how this Hotfix works...Read more

Hotfix released for “Create PDF” functionality in the Role Tailored Client 

The new Create PDF functionality is available as an option on the Print button on any report request page that prints through the Role Tailored Client once the associated hotfix (KB 2628466) has been installed.  Since this feature was added at the executable level, there is no code that needs to be added to each report to get this new functionality....Read more

Useful Dialog Windows with .NET Interop and NAV 2009 R2 

We have been asked recently how to display a Dialog window for the RoleTailored client that would collect a Directory path. The old (good) Codeunit 412 “Common Dialog Management” was not suitable for that purpose (and honestly I would love to go for something more RTC oriented). I thought myself, then, there may be a...Read more

Installing NAV 2009 R2 without Active Directory 

Normally you need to have an Active directory server running to use multi-tier of NAV 2009 R2. But in some cases this is not possible or existing. In NAV 2009 R2 we got an new configuration option called ClientCredentialType that is meant to be used over WAN. But I will in this blog post show...Read more

E-mail logging and what to do when upgrading to a new release of Exchange Server or when moving the current Exchange Server to new hardware 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV technical support sometimes gets involved regarding request for E-mail logging assistance after an Exchange Server was migrated from old to new hardware or when the original Exchange Server was upgraded to a later release. Starting in Exchange 2007, the underlying OS should be 64-bit which means that new hardware needs to be...Read more

Object Metadata update flow in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 

My colleague Lars described in BLOG post “About Object Metadata, and why I can’t see object changed in RTC” and explained how to troubleshoot metadata update problems.With current post I’m trying to overview whole process and make it more clearly for all. So we have few moments I want to clarify in beginning (something like...Read more

Printers list in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 

Periodically we receive support requests with questions about available printers list in NAV. Especially about situations when this printers list includes or not includes some printers unexpectedly and issues especially comes when there is used Microsoft Terminal Servers or Citrix. Situation changed when NAV developing team replaced previous used GetProfileString to winspool function EnumPrinters. This...Read more