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E-mail logging and what to do when upgrading to a new release of Exchange Server or when moving the current Exchange Server to new hardware 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV technical support sometimes gets involved regarding request for E-mail logging assistance after an Exchange Server was migrated from old to new hardware or when the original Exchange Server was upgraded to a later release. Starting in Exchange 2007, the underlying OS should be 64-bit which means that new hardware needs to be...Read more

EN-US as Web Services default language 

Recently a Hotfix has been published that have solved a “buggy” scenario in which under some circumstances Web Services Language depended on the Role Tailored client language used on the last session. This was impacting the date format and was unpredictable so Development decided to set EN-US as language by default for Web Services.  This...Read more

Object Metadata update flow in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 

My colleague Lars described in BLOG post “About Object Metadata, and why I can’t see object changed in RTC” and explained how to troubleshoot metadata update problems.With current post I’m trying to overview whole process and make it more clearly for all. So we have few moments I want to clarify in beginning (something like...Read more

Error affecting Sales and Purchase Invoices containing Item Tracking lines 

This article handles another common issue, seen when handling documents containing Item Tracking lines in NAV 2009. In this instance, the problem affects Sales and Purchase Invoices and occurs when splitting the relevant shipment or receipt lines and then posting the invoice. Both solutions should be applied where appropriate, as the issues affect similar aspects...Read more

Error when posting documents featuring Item Tracking lines 

In NAV 2009, there have been issues posting some documents containing Item Tracked lines. This entry brings together 3 KB articles which address these issues, with the intention that a system could be patched with all the relevant fixes at the same time. When encountering the following generic error, users can refer to the articles...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Changes by Version 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has had multiple changes to the underlying code in order to optimize performance of NAV on SQL Server. The chart below shows the changes by version. REPEATABLEREAD In order to use the REPEATABLEREAD, changes are needed after installing the latest hotfix to enable the option. The following information outlines this and should...Read more

NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Personalize the Departments Menu 

Did you know you can remove the Departments menu from the navigation pane? You may want to do this as you customize the RoleTailored experience for yourself or your customers. The ease of doing this has been improved beginning with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 and also applies to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2. 1....Read more

More Training Titles Released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 

Brand new training titles have been released and are available on PartnerSource and CustomerSource (account required). The trainings are available as downloads and as instructor-led training (ILT). Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Native Database to Microsoft SQL Server This training is designed for individuals preparing to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Native database to Microsoft...Read more