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Time zones usage in Microsoft Dynamics NAV web services 

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 we have new feature named “Defining the Time Zone for Web Services“. You can read about it at . The same feature exists in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 since build 31926 with KB 2443436.  However we have few support requests when NAV developers or users don’t know...Read more

New VAT Registration Number in Switzerland 

From 1.1.2011, Switzerland will enforce a new Tax Number called UID (Unternehmens-Identifikationsnummer). Authorities will assign new tax numbers to all new tax persons instead of old 6-digit VAT Registration Number. Existing tax persons will be informed of their new tax number in the first semester of 2011. During the period from 2011 – 2013 both...Read more

Manage Notes / My Notifications in RTC using a COM Stream Wrapper 

With NAV 2009 it has been made available to the users a messaging system based on Notes / MyNotes page parts. Note records are stored as BLOBs inside table 2000000068 Record Link. It is known that you cannot handle Notes using normal C/AL code and, in particular, correctly stream in and out the content of...Read more

NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Navigate between Pages 

When you are in your Role Center, you can use navigation buttons, forward and back, to help you navigate between pages. The navigation buttons are at the top of your Role Center, in the left-hand corner. Next to them is the Address bar, which displays the location of the current page within the navigation hierarchy...Read more

NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Promote Fields from a FastTab 

You can expand and collapse FastTabs on a page. When a FastTab is collapsed, not all fields in the FastTab are displayed in the header of the FastTab. You can customize any FastTab so that the most important fields are shown on the header when the FastTab is collapsed. This will provide you with a summary...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics NAV : Online Maps 

Online map functionality that we’ve had in Dynamics NAV for some time now has changed for most of countries, after Maps were moved to Bing. As maps were moved and collections changed, the code needs to be changed to align with this. This is scheduled for change in standard application. Meanwhile, it is fairly simple to...Read more

Test Automation Series 2 – Creation Functions 

With the introduction of the NAV test features in NAV 2009 SP1 it has become easier to develop automated test suites for NAV applications. An important part of an automated test is the setup of the test fixture. In terms of software testing, the fixture includes everything that is necessary to exercise the system under...Read more

NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Create Notifications from Task Pages 

You can create notifications from task pages such as customer cards or sales orders. You can use notifications as reminders, or as a way to send information to other NAV users in your company. A notification is displayed on the recipient’s Role Center. By clicking the notification, the recipeint opens the associated task page. 1....Read more