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NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Save Filtered Lists 

When you work with lists, you often need to filter them and work with a subset, like customers from Germany or items in Blue location. After you create filters on a list, you can save the filtered list. This is especially useful if you have several filter parameters and you don’t want to create the...Read more

Some tips about creating “Tree view” in List pages 

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 in new Role Tailored Client we have new feature – we can show lists in “tree view”. We can expand/collapse nodes and make lists more interesting and more visual. However this new feature isn’t documented very well and every developer needs to collect his own experience. With this article I...Read more

Let NAV PLAY! (Media Play… of course) 

In this blog you will find the source code in order to implement a client add-in based project with Windows Media Player. You would have a wide range of possibilities to use this simple add-in and enlarge this project on your own. If you want to know more about client add-ins you can refer to...Read more

NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Customize your Action Pane 

You can make many customizations to the RoleTailored client Action Pane: You can create your own grouping of key tasks. You can add the actions and tasks you use most to your pages. You can combine those tasks in groups. And, you can change the size of icons so that the most important ones pop...Read more

Test Automation Series 1 – Test Data 

This post discusses the use of test data when developing automated tests based on the testability features that were released with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1. The practices outlined here have been applied during the development of the tests included in the Application Test Toolset for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1. Overall, the execution of...Read more

New SEPA Whitepaper on PartnerSource and CustomerSource 

I am happy to announce that due to popular demand, we have recently posted a whitepaper covering SEPA on PartnerSource and CustomerSource.   To give you a little bit of background, in 2002, key European banks decided to create a standardized payment strategy called the Single Euro Payments Area or (SEPA) to allow payments to easily...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics NAV/SQL Server Configuration Recommendations 

Michael De Voe, a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, has compiled a set of recommendations for SQL Server configuration to improve performance when running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 and later versions with one of the following versions of SQL Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP3 x64 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP1 x64 Microsoft SQL...Read more

NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Customize the Navigation Pane 

You can add and delete buttons and lists in the Navigation Pane. 3.  In the Customize Navigation Pane window, click New to create a new button. 7.  Use Move Up, Move Down, and Rename to edit the position and name of the new button. 9.  Browse to the list you want to add. 10.  Click OK. 11. ...Read more