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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Number sequence XXXX has been exceeded

How to determine what number sequence has been exceeded when generating a journal, posting a journal or any process that the system uses a number sequence to generate the next number.  When you are creating a new journal, vendor, customer, voucher, posting a journal or doing anything where the number sequence is used to generate...

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A simple explanation of duplicate number sequences in AX 2012

Ever run into an issue where you get duplicate number sequence errors in AX 2012 but you know you are using a different number sequence reference for the transaction?  Below is a simple walkthrough explaining why you get theses types of errors.   Let’s use the AP Invoice voucher and AP Payment voucher as examples. Below are...

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Where is the System ID number sequence used? Will it run out?

 I was asked some questions recently about the “System ID” number sequence in AX – I don’t think this information was available anywhere else so I’ll share it through this post:  Q: Where is the BASI_1 number sequence (which is the “System ID” specified in the basic module) used? It seems to be increasing...

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