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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog

We get lots of Event 110 Cannot edit a record in LastValue (SysLastValue) and Event 117 messages in the Event Viewer 

You may sometimes get the following event log entries on the AOS server in pairs:   110 Object Server 01: Dialog issued for client-less session 1: Cannot edit a record in LastValue (SysLastValue). User ID: , AdminUserSetup. The SQL database has issued an error.   117 Object Server 01: The database reported (session 1 (-AOS-)):...

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CRM Usage Reporting Unleashed 

Our CRM MVP guest blogger for today is David Jennaway who is the technical director at Excitation. A frequent request we come across is from companies who want to know which users are using CRM and when. The CRM platform provides the facility to gather detailed usage information by writing plug-ins, but a simpler and...

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ODBC DSN not appearing 64 bit OS 

This one had me stumpped for a bit, thanks to my colleague for getting to the bottom of this one. Running a 64 bit OS, set up an ODBC DSN, but can’t select it in my 32 bit application, which is of course the AX server configuration utility for AX4. This is weird because the...

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