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PAGE.RUNMODAL actions change in Dynamics NAV 2013 

In Dynamics NAV 2009 page.RUNMODAL can have actions OK, Cancel, LoookupOk, LookupCancel, Yes, No, Close, FormHelp, RunObject, RunSystem. Like it is described at you can create code like: IF Page.RUNMODAL(21, MyRecord, …) = Action::Close THEN…; But in Dynamics NAV 2013 actions list is changed to OK, Cancel, LookupOK, LookupCancel, Yes, No, RunObject, RunSystem ( more

How to start any object in Role Tailored Client 

Sometimes we need to run some specific object (page, report, codeunit or xmlport) on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Role Tailored Client. Let say we want to test report received from customer on our Cronus demo db. The easiest way is of course to run report directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Development Environment Object Designer....Read more

Replacing Field Values in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 

Have you ever had the need to replace some values from a list of values?  For example, you need to change the Postal/Zip Code for a number of your customers.  Most of the time you would need to write a codeunit or report to accomplish that or even have the customer update each entry by...Read more

New home page for the Dynamics CRM Resource Center 

The Dynamics CRM web team has updated the home page for the Resource Center help and support site. Through user research and other sources, we listened to what you needed, and built a page based on that. You’ll notice the design is much simpler, much less busy. Business users should now be able to find...Read more

RTC debugging 

Create a page        Activate debugging        Debug        Other useful information when debugging  For this example we will be using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional. Create a page To use as an example for debugging, let’s create an empty page (for example 50000 RTCDebugTest) with a new action called “Messages”. In code of...Read more

Few tips about filters usage in latest Dynamics NAV RTC builds 

I want to describe few tips about filters usage in Dynamics NAV RTC. This can be useful for users who worked with classic client and came to RTC. In Dynamics NAV Classic Client we can construct filters in filters window using following operators: ..   Range &   And |   Or <   Less than <=   Less than...Read more

NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Navigate between Pages 

When you are in your Role Center, you can use navigation buttons, forward and back, to help you navigate between pages. The navigation buttons are at the top of your Role Center, in the left-hand corner. Next to them is the Address bar, which displays the location of the current page within the navigation hierarchy...Read more

NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Promote Fields from a FastTab 

You can expand and collapse FastTabs on a page. When a FastTab is collapsed, not all fields in the FastTab are displayed in the header of the FastTab. You can customize any FastTab so that the most important fields are shown on the header when the FastTab is collapsed. This will provide you with a summary...Read more

NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Create Notifications from Task Pages 

You can create notifications from task pages such as customer cards or sales orders. You can use notifications as reminders, or as a way to send information to other NAV users in your company. A notification is displayed on the recipient’s Role Center. By clicking the notification, the recipeint opens the associated task page. 1....Read more