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Receiving a pallet with mixed items based on a packing structure using License plate receiving mobile device menu item 

Initial description The license plate receiving method on a mobile device lets you expedite the receiving process. If you receive advanced shipping notices (ASNs) from a vendor, and you trust the accuracy of the document, you can use the packing structure information in the ASN to automatically create put away work. The work is created...Read more

What’s New for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 for WMS 

This blog post describes some of the enhancements to the Warehouse management (WMS) functionality that have been implemented in the R2 release after the launch of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (RTM). Shipment list report printed in a batch job at shipment update By using outbound rules for a shipment and by setting up automatic printing...Read more

Refill of Picking Locations in Dynamics AX 2009 

In AX 2009, the task of refilling picking locations was automated and improved. The main idea behind the new functionality is that, if required, processes that impact quantities at picking locations should activate a refill. This blog post describes how to set up parameters for the new functionality and how to use it. It also...Read more