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Design Pattern: Create Data from Templates 

For many records, such as Items, Customers, and Vendors, users have to enter the same sets of data again and again. This is tedious, error-prone (users forget to enter a field or they choose the wrong group), and difficult to learn for some users. We can group sets of data as templates to speed up...Read more

Design Pattern: Data-driven Blocked Entity 

This pattern implements a generic mechanism for dynamically restricting and allowing usage of a record by the business process administrator. Problem A Dynamics NAV record can be used in a number of functionalities across the application. There are situations, however, when the administrator wants to restrict the consumption of such a record, as well as...Read more

Design Pattern: Passwords and sensitive data 

By Bogdana Botez at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen This pattern is supported starting from Microsoft Dynamics NAV version 2016. Abstract Protect data like passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers etc by encrypting it and by placing it in a single table with restricted access. Problem statement When sensitive data is stored inside the Dynamics...Read more

Design Pattern: Discovery Event 

Sometimes one design pattern is enough to capture the experience related to one particular topic. And sometimes, multiple patterns inter-relate to define various aspects of the problem domain. The sum of those interconnected patterns is named a pattern language. And this is exactly the title of Christopher Alexander’s book, the one who in 1977 introduced...Read more

Design Pattern: Cross-Session Events 

By Nikolai L’Estrange, from TVision Technology Ltd. in the UK Abstract Track things that happen in other NAV Sessions.   Problem In Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can fire a function whenever something changes within your session (and from NAV 2016 this is even easier with the new Event model), however there is not an easy way to know what...Read more

Design Pattern: Observer 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has the built in ability to track all record changes against any table, however it does not always fire the triggers for every table. But with the Observer pattern, you can track all record changes against a defined table or set of tables. This pattern is a good example of how classic...Read more

NAV Design Pattern: Activity Log 

The Activity Log pattern tracks execution of activities. This is a Dynamics NAV specific implementation of the generic Audit Log pattern. In general, integrating with external systems can be very challenging, due to the complexity of the situation – connectivity issues, asynchronous operations, user errors, etc. These challenges require sometimes re-trying several times, polling the...Read more