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Microsoft CRM v3.0 Update Rollup 1 nearing Release 

CRM Sustained Engineering has been working with more than sixty selected customers and partners during a highly effective pre-release testing program.  We expect to send out a set of updated Pre-Release packages to the participants by Tuesday, November 21st for a final test pass.  We are targeting Nov. 30th, 2006 as the public release date,...

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Purging old instances of workflow in Microsoft CRM 

CRM by default does not provide a good story for purging old workflow process instances and other workflow tables at regular basis. As the system ages and if there are multiple looping rules present in the system, you will hit a time when workflow rules will start failing due to SQL timeouts. The way out...

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CRM 3.0 Performance Story 

Microsoft CRM V3 was designed with performance in mind. We dedicated significant resource bandwidth and timeline to ensure that we tackle performance issues early and reliably. We laid out a performance plan during the engineering cycle, followed it closely, reviewed it frequently, revised it as and when necessary and adhered to it as part of...

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