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A Couple of RDLC Performance Optimization Tips 

We have received several requests related to optimization tips for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV RDLC report experience. So in this blog post we provide you with a couple of tips for how you can refactor a report in order to increase its performance in terms of dataset reduction – the example is based on the...Read more

Collect a series of traces automatically with Dynamics AX 2012 

Introduction The following steps are one way to collect a series of AX traces on a schedule with all versions of AX 2012 on the AOS server, using standard Windows tools: Perfmon combined with Task Scheduler. This example collects a 1 minute trace at 5 minute intervals. This can be useful for example if you...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Faster than ever. 

  First, let me start by saying that based on the evidence so far: It is. Significantly. A number of the changes to the Dynamics NAV 2013 architecture contribute to the performance boosts that many of the test have shown. To outline some of the changes: Middle tier is 64 bit We are no longer using cursors but MARS...Read more

Managing general performance issues in Microsoft Dynamics AX 

Updated on 09/09/16 for DynamicsPerf v2.0. Intended for versions up to AX 2012. This post is primarily aimed at non technical readers and those responsible for coordinating or managing these issues, but with links drilling through to more in depth blogs containing further details. By ‘general performance’, I mean a set of unidentified performance issues...Read more

AX Performance Troubleshooting Checklist Part 2 

Updated on 09/09/16 for DynamicsPerf v2.0. This is Part 2 of a two part troubleshooting check list for general performance on Microsoft Dynamics AX. This part includes  hardware, indexing, queries,  blocking and code – at a high level. Please note this is just an outline of key areas for general guidance and not an exhaustive...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics AX general performance analysis scripts 

Did you know there is a set of analysis scripts that come with the tool Performance Analyzer 1.20 and can be used to assess the health of your AX system and identify potential causes of performance issues? After downloading the tool (see above link), you can find these scripts in the following folders: ..\DynamicsPerf1.20\DynamicsPerf\DynamicsPerf...Read more

Introducing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Profiler 

Did you ever wish you could monitor how your application code performs at real time? We have produced a sample and a video that can help you get started with C/AL tracing and application performance profiling. Get the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Profiler here,, and watch the video on how to install, configure and use...Read more

RDLC Report and Performance in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 

It has been a while since I last blogged and I am taking the chance now to post on a very delicate argument. The main focus of my dissertation is about performance (Out Of Memory exception, typically) with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2. I would encourage you...Read more

AX Retail: Retail store maintenance and SQL Express 

Description   Here are some tips to do maintenance on your store database running SQL express and how to shrink the size of the database.   Store transaction cleanup It is important to cleanup the store database as many store databases in smaller shop only runs SQL Express editions. SQL Express has a 10 GB limit...Read more