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Finding Which Message Requests Support the Execution of Plug-ins in CRM 2011 and CRM Online 

Developers can write custom plug-ins and register them to execute when a certain message request and entity combination is processed by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Dynamics CRM Online event execution pipeline. Most but not all message requests support the execution of plug-ins. To find out what message request and entity combinations support execution of...Read more

Options: Plugin, Workflow or Dialog 

Our guest blogger today is Gonzalo Ruiz who is a CRM consultant for Avanade Canada. This post is inspired by a popular article by my ex coworker Humberto Lezama G. regarding when to use plugins or workflows for implementing custom logic in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. I have expanded the matrix to add additional criteria...Read more

How to Reference Assemblies from Plug-ins 

8/31/15This post has been edited to reflect that Dynamics CRM does not support ILMerge.  It isn’t blocked, but it isn’t supported, as an option for referencing custom assemblies. You may have noticed that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (and CRM 4 before it) does not really have support for referencing custom assemblies from a plug-in assembly....Read more

Authoring My First CRM Plug-in 

Hello readers. Recently I’ve learned that building Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a much different beast from building on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I’ve been on the team for a bit over 3 years, but just built my first plug-in. I’m not ready to tell you what it does but I wanted to share some...Read more

Plug-ins vs. Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Today’s guest blogger is programmer and CRM aficionado Pablo Peralta. I frequently get this question: When should I write a plug-in in Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus a workflow ? This dilemma is faced whenever custom logic must be executed in a pre and/or post operation. Peter Hecke of Microsoft created this decision table on MSDN....Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email and Snail Mail Activities 

Today’s guest blogger is Jeremy Hofmann of Sonoma Partners. Jeremy blogs regularly at Ask The Right Question. Today I’d like to highlight an approach to handling the mass distribution of email and letter activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.   This is a strategy you can use when you have the need to distribute email and letter...Read more

Record Counter For Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 

Today CRM MVP Andriy Butenko talks about a solution he created using the plug-in technology. Andriy blogs regularly here. When you open Microsoft Dynamics CRM and select a view that contains more records than can be shown on one page, you don’t know how many records are in this view. My Record Counter creates a...Read more

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM via App Fabric 

I am excited about the Microsoft’s Azure initiative. App Fabric is a part of Window Azure platform and as indicated at, makes it simpler to connect cloud and on-premise applications. It also simplifies the on-premise to on-premise application connection separated by firewalls and enables management of such interaction via the configurable rules of Access...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: New plug-in development article 

We just published another plug-in development article in the Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK article series. Here’s a summary: A plug-in is custom computer code that is compiled and registered with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to change or extend the system’s functionality. This article represents part 2 in a multi-part Getting Started series...Read more

Case Number is Just the Ticket 

Today’s guest blogger is the technical director of AlexaCRM™ and CRM MVP George Doubinski. Follow him at his blog, Georged CRM Blog. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a number of entities that, in addition to the record id (represented by GUID data type in the system), also contain unique text identifiers that can be automatically generated...Read more

Creating a Birthday Contact List 

Today we welcome our guest blogger CRM MVP Darren Liu from the Crowe Horwath company. Have you ever been asked by someone to get a list of contacts having birthdays during a certain time period from CRM? If so what have you done to perform this task? Within the application, birthdays are tracked on Contact...Read more